We develop and design highly customized processes together with our clients

we train management, leaders, teams and employees


WE implement structures and methods for continuous GROWTH and development.

r-Evolutionary cooperate culture

In collaboration with our clients we develop a business platform based on the business idea, the company's vision, values and leader philosophy etc.

We create methods for securing quality of the platform procedures and decisions made. A structure is shaped for continuous evaluations and improvements.

r-Evolutionary management team

This process, also called "the driving license for the management team", enhances the executives methods of work and their ability to strengthen the organization and the corporate culture. Behind us we leave a more unified group and effective ways of working based on self-growth and self-evaluating procedures.



r-Evolutionary meetings

Together with our clients, we coordinate and implement ways of working for coordination of relations and communication amongst the divisions in the organization. Our conviction is that people are smart, full of ideas and that they want to contribute, as long as the right work environment and culture is provided. The involving ways of working transforms employees into thriving co-leaders.

More interactions between divisions creates a stronger, wiser and more brave organization, which is the key to a more efficient, tightly-knitted culture. Coordinated relations and big group dialogues can be compared with the synapses in the brain. When more connections are being used frequently the faster and more fluent it gets. With time we train the leaders and executives to maintain the processes themselves for future development.

r-Evolutionary culture scanning

To get the motivation to move forward it is important for an organization to describe itself but, it´s very hard for a norm to describe itself. Culture scanning is an efficient method that creates a far deeper self-awareness than what traditional surveys ever does. This deeper self-awareness increases the understanding and will for change.

In the exploring part as well as in the feedback part Red Matters reflective and dialogue based methods are used which opens up the will for understanding and reduces the risk of defensive behaviour. The methods allows participants to search for new perspective and gives them the means to dig deeper and gain an understanding for future needs. These methods can also be used to efficiently solve conflicts.

r-Evolutionary teams

Design high-performance teams with our straightforward approach "The High 5" team Model". It divides the culture into five sections, which all has to thrive individually in order for a successful teamwork to take place. In this model we implement both annual self-evaluation and follow-ups on development. Together this will increase the ability and courage to contribute and make the corporate-culture more open minded and turn it into a space for creativity.

r-Evolutionary coaching/supervision

We offer coaching, done individually and/or in groups. Maybe you want to develop yourself, your group or organization. Maybe you need to solve a problem or handle a conflict? Maybe there is a change in your organization or in your life and you need an external opinion?

We also acts as support when starting up colleague based coaching groups. We give methods and a structure for group coaching in order to generate self-sufficiency in its future development, with the goal that the groups after a while can coach themselves as all the methods and techniques we use is transferred to the group.


r-Evolutionary leadership

Construct and fine-tune your inner compass and become the leader of your private life and your professional life. This will project a more clear, concise and confident model for you and for your employees to follow. This is achieved through a model of life- and career planning. To know ones abilities, values and motivational triggers facilitates for a more goal-driven working life as well as on a personal level.







We offer shorter workshops or seminars

Our different workshops and seminars:

  • "How is pickles related to culture?"
         How to create a vital and innovative corporate culture from within
  • "From employee to co-leader"
         How to develop engaging, creative and responsible employees.
  • "Harmless surveys or progress in reality"
         Explore the concept of culture-scanning with unique methods
         and reflective ways of working.
  • "Free or condemned to freedom"
         Create your inner compass in order to avoid being a puppet without your own will,
         stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  • "How can an oversized neck and a big heart change the world?"
         How to reach the heart in communication. How to be clear without being defensive
         and how to conduct a non violent communication.