A word from Liv Cardell

Founder and CEO of Red Matters


During my 30 years as a management consultant I have continuously stumbled upon the need for new ways of working to make an organization more smart in descisionmaking, more unified, valuedriven and innovative. Despite countless of appraisals and smart claims regarding value driven and learning organizations, I have seldom, or next to never, seen this translated into actual strategies and actionable exercises. Red Matters Concept is based on a systemic approach. The literature in the systemic universe is hard for people, not involved in the systemic world, to catch. Thats why I wanted to write a systemic book with a simple language. 

Also, complexity is often met with complexity and clients are offered complex tools with attractive slogans and promises which are hard to look through. During the years I have seen stress increase on both employees and managers. The reasons for which decisions are to be made are difficult to understand and the basics of today's decisions are often changed rapidly and irrelevant tomorrow. Human values have fallen into the background and there is a risk that we will chop off the branch we are sitting on.

Like a splinter in my shoe, the lack of pursuit for an exceptional and thriving corporate-culture in order to achieve better results and more profits was mind-blowing, especially as I knew that the concept that was slowly but surely growing in my thoughts could potentially revolutionize the way we see and reach success as a company, as leaders and as individuals. This is why I receded to an isolated island in Greece in 2004. I had to let these somewhat crazy ideas and unorthodox methods reach maturity. Seven years later I published the book and Red Matters Concepts was born. A book about simple tools to deal with complexity and in order to balance efficiency, humanism and innovation within organizations.

My mission is simple, but it is not easy. I want to contribute to a world where companies and organisations truly are "fearless cultures in progress". I want to transmit my concrete tools and simple methods to let values and culture be the core of an improved profitability, and techniques for a more fluent communications in our age of complexity and diversity. I want to prove that a healthy culture with happy, engaging and responsible people will bring improved profits in the long-term. Over and over again, I have seen how the right work-environment can bring out an individuals creativity, endless energy and a will to contribute and improve. This is what I want to give to the world.

The Concepts of Red Matters has been appreciated by amongst others, IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency and is implemented in private as well as govermental organizations.

Björn Ekelund, Human Factors AS in Norway, has developed a test, Diversity Icebreaker, with three preferences for communication and cooperation, which is scientifically endorsed. It uses the same colour domains as Red Matters, which is why we have joined forces and now participate in a Scandinavian Collaboration. We also represent HUMANE, Human Management Network in Skandinavia. Red Matters are also influed by Clas Jensen, David Cooperrider, Findhorn Foundation, Judy Hoffer Gittel, Kennet J Gergen, Paul Moxnes, Tom Andersen, Will Schutz, Humerto Maturana and others.


Liv Cardell
Founder of Red Matters, CEO Cardell Consulting AB

Develop leaders and companies. Experienced process leader with a strong connection to company-culture and the establishing of a happy, creative and productive work-environment.

Liv has improved the culture of many companies and developed confident leaders in Sweden as well as abroad.

Pirjo Ohvo   Red Matters Consultant

Pirjo Ohvo

Red Matters Consultant

Emma Wessner
Red Matters Consultant

Emma is an experienced process leader, especially regarding the creation and clarification of visions and goals.

She designs the processes herself and focus on engagement, creativity and learning.

In the past Emma has been involved in recruitment, personal assessment, leadership development and employer branding.

Pirjo is an experienced manager/ leader and organizational consultant who has worked in several different industries; both in government, municipality and business enterprises. She is driven by change processes and has over the years carried out several extensive cultural and development work with RED MATTERS as a tool. A successful cultural transfer is based on a genuine commitment and deep understanding. Her open mind is a prerequisite for meeting other people as well as her belief in each individual's ability to create change. She leads development processes with management groups, employees and teams that involve and engage.

 Pirjo's motto - organizations and people need to be equipped for an increasingly unpredictable future with increased complexity.

 Partners Ann-Charlotte Larsen, Larsen Consulting and Camilla Rüden, Expandio


Scandinavian collaboration of Blue, Red and Green.

Björn Z Ekelund, Human Factors

Björn, management consultant runs Human Factors in Norway. As a psychologist he has researched organizational theory and communication. The results of this research is the tools of preference Diversity, whose colours are compatible with the three domains of Red Matters.

Carsten Arnfjord Thomsen, Innovationsstudier

Innovationsstudier och Rethink is owned by Carsten Arnfjord Thomson, an organizational anthropologist in Denmark. Carsten has explored different innovation- and design processes in public organisations, a work that turned into the concept RETHNK - learning, innovation, transformation. In his work he often combines his discoveries with both the domains of Red Matters and the colors of Diversity Icebreaker.


The international organisation HUMANE, Human Managers Network, claims that companies focused on co-creation with the intent to create freedom, respect and responsibility while at the same time increase profitability. Björn Eklund, No, Carsten Arnfjord Thomsen och Liv Cardell are representing this concept in Scandinavia. HUMANE has influence all over the world and collaborate with OECD and Harvard University.

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