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GDPR Personal Data Management policy for Red Matters

1. Introduction and Purpose:

The purpose of Red Matters GDPR policy is to ensure that I handle personal data in accordance with EU data Protection Regulation (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR). The policy covers all treatments where personal data is handled. Purpose for my company to handle the data is to be able to invoice, obtain sales statistics, facilitate contacts and marketing in the form of newsletters and by other marketing action.

2. Application and revision:

I am the owner of Red Matters and responsible for ensuring that the processing of personal data complies with this policy. The policy shall be determined at least once a year and updated as necessary. The undersigned is responsible for keeping the process around the annual update of the policy as a result of new and changed regulations.

3. Organisation and responsibilities:

Owner has the overall responsibility for the content of this policy and that it is implemented and complied with.

4. Concepts and Abbreviations:

(A) Personal data: A personal data is any information directly or indirectly attributable to a natural person who is alive.

(B) Data subject: Means the person to whom a personal data is related, that is to say, the natural person who can be identified directly or indirectly by the personal information in a register.

(C) Personal data processing: Means a measure or a combination of actions relating to personal data, whether automated or not, such as collection, registration, organisation and structuring;

5. Personal data processing:

 Each personal data processing shall be in accordance with the following principles:

•      Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

•      Purpose Limitation

•      Data minimisation

•      Accuracy

•      Storage limitation

•     Integrity and confidentiality

•     Accountability



A) Buying customers: The purpose is registration and sales statistics. Buying customers are registered by me in bookkeeping and invoicing software when the customer is billed for the first time. Customers with registered contact persons who have not acted for the past 12 months should be removed from the customer register. The customer remains a long time due to the accounting Act. Personal data is stored and protected by security systems, antivirus software, firewalls, etc.

B) Newsletter: Subscribers of the Red Matters Newsletter must give consent for a subscription and may unsubscribe at any time if desired.

Email addresses are managed, stored by the company Get A Newsletter security system and protected by antivirus software, firewalls, etc.

C) Suppliers: Same as. A)Buying customers;

D) Website: Policy is published on the home page


Malmö 2018-04-20

Liv Cardell

Red Matters